We will hold the 2nd General meeting and convention on September,8-9

It has been decided that the second meeting of the International Ninja Research Association (accompanied with the General Assembly meeting and sightseeing event) is to be held on September 8-9, 2018 in Ureshino city (Saga prefecture). The main theme of the meeting, which will be held in the afternoon of September 8, will be “The Ninja in Bakumatsu period (1853─1868)”. So we advertise for speakers on the above mentioned subject or on any historical topic relating to the ninja. If you wish to apply, you are welcome to do so after reading and becoming familiarized with the guidelines for the application listed below.


Presentation Application Outline

1.Requirements for applicants

  • The applicant should be a member of International Ninja Research Association (both individual or collective/judicial members are acceptable)
  • The presentation must be done orally (the time of presentation is 20 minutes, the time for questions and answers is 5 minutes)
  • The official languages of the meeting are Japanese and English

2.How to apply? An applicant should provide a title of his or her presentation, an abstract (about 1200 characters in Japanese (horizontal writing) or 600 words in English) and contact information including name (with name readings for Japanese submissions), affiliation, address with postal code, telephone number, and e-mail address. A Word file with the above mentioned information should be sent to the Association secretariat by e-mail: info@intlninja.com

3.Deadline for application June 20, 2018 (Wed)

4.Adoption The submitted abstracts will be discussed in the secretariat of the Association, and the applicants will be notified the results before the middle of July.