International Ninja Research Association Foundation Ceremony

The Fascination of Ninja:Ninja from Multiple Perspectives

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As the Olympic Games in Tokyo get closer, worldwide interest in Japanese culture becomes even more intensive than it has been before. The Ninja are the aspect of Japanese Culture that probably draws the most amount of attention from all over the world.

Recently, research related to Ninja and Ninjutsu has become more widespread. Since 2012 Mie University has put a lot of effort into both Ninja and Ninjutsu research as well as publicizing information about Ninja.

In July of this year (2017) Mie University has established an International Ninja Research Center, with the aim of expanding research into Ninja and making it one of the basic components of the culture of Mie Prefecture and the Culture of Japan in general.
The next step is the establishment of an International Ninja Research Association.

The aim of the association is to assemble a wide range of people interested in Ninja and to conduct interdisciplinary research. This international community will encourage the cordial, mutual exchange of opinions. We also plan to hold the annual meetings and to publish a bulletin.
International Ninja Research Association Foundation Ceremony will be held as stated below. We cordially invite you to attend.



Time and place: 

February 17, 2018 (Sat) Hill Hotel Sanpia Iga(Mie Prefecture, Iga, Saimyoji, 2756−104 Tel: 0595-24-7000) Hakuho Hall

Saturday February 17th

11.00~12.00  International Ninja Research Association Preliminary Meeting (Establishing of the Association Rules)

12.00~12.30 Press-Conference

Lunch break

13.30 Opening address The Chairman of International Ninja Research Association

Congratulatory address Komada Yoshihiro (The President of Mie University)

Suzuki Eikei(The Governor of Mie Prefecture and the President of Japan Ninja Council)
Okamoto Sakae (The Mayor of Iga-city)

14.00~14.40  International Ninja Research Association Foundation Lecture
Kim Shiduck(The professor of Seoul National University Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies)
The present day of the Ninja literature -On the Novels of Arayama Toru-」

14.40~15.20 Presentations
William Reed(The Professor of Yamanashi Gakuin University)The Art of Survival in a Turbulent Age: a Glimpse of Character from Samurai and Ninja Brush Writing
Hisamatsu Makoto(Specially appointed professor for social cooperation of Mie University)Perceiving the Ninja Wisdom from the Scientific Viewpoint


15.40~17.00 Symposium: The attractiveness of Ninja: the Ninja in History, the Ninja in Literature, the Ninja Worldwide

MC:Yoshimaru Katsuya(Associate Professor of The Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Mie University)
Yamada Yuji(Professor of The Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Mie University))
Tada Yoko(Novelist)
Fedor Kubasov(Researcher, International Ninja Research Center, Mie University)

17.00~17.15 Mizohata Hiroshi(Vice-President of Japan Ninja Council)The Present Day and the Future Objectives of the Ninja World

17.15 A closing address Ajiki Kazuhiro(The Director of International Ninja Research Center, Mie University)

18.00~20.00 Reception Hill Hotel Sanpia Iga Iga Hall

February 18(Sun) Sightseeing in Iga(rental bus, application needed)
9.00 Start in Hill Hotel Sanpia Iga
9.15 International Ninja Research Center, High Topia Iga (keep baggage)
9. 30 Ninja Museum of Igaryu
10.30 Ninja show
11.30 Ueno castle
12.30~14.00 Lunch, free sightseeing (Sukodo崇廣堂and the surroundings of the castle)  
14.30 Aekuni-shrine
15.30 Finish at Ueno-shi railway station

※Contacts:Mie University International Ninja Research Center, The secretariat for preparation of International Ninja Research Association Foundation 

Phone: +81-595-51-7154 

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