Guidelines for Submission to the Journal of Ninja Studies

August 31, 2018


  1. To submit an article or research notes to the Journal of Ninja Studies, authors must be a member of the International Ninja Research Association (INRA). Articles must be based on original research on a topic related to the study of ninja. “Research notes” refers to preliminary research articles or reports and commentary on ninja-related fieldwork, records, and statistical data Submissions must not have been previously published. Co-authorship is permitted as long as the first author is a member of INRA.


  1. The Journal of Ninja Studies publishes one issue per year in August. Articles and research notes should be submitted to the editorial board by the due date listed in the Editor’s Notes of the latest issue or on the journal’s homepage. Due dates for submissions are usually in mid-April.


  1. Submissions must be in Japanese or English. For manuscripts in English, refer to the guidelines for English submissions published on the INRA site.


  1. Finalized manuscript (in Japanese or English) should be 8 to 14 pages long, including charts, diagrams and pictures. This comes to 30 to 50 handwritten pages (four hundred characters per page) in Japanese or 12 to 21 double-spaced pages in English. The title of the submission and the name of the author should be included on the first page.


  1. When submitting a manuscript, the author should provide an abstract (no more than 400 characters in Japanese or 250 words in English) and contact information including name (with name readings for Japanese submissions), affiliation, address with postal code, telephone number, and e-mail address.


  1. Three printed copies of the manuscript and abstract are to be mailed to the editorial board. Please write your manuscript using computer software and send the electronic copies of the manuscript on a CD-ROM or DVD with the printed manuscripts. The editorial board does not accept submissions by e-mail.


  1. After receiving a submission, the editorial board will issue a notification of receipt which includes the time of receipt. If the manuscript is not written in accordance with the guidelines, the submission may be rejected.


  1. Publishing decisions are made by the editorial board after the peer review process. The board issues four possible results:

1) Recommended for publication

2) Recommended for publication with revisions

3) Not recommended for publication (with comments)

4) Not recommended for publication (without comments)


  1. Manuscripts, abstracts, and storage devices will not be returned to the author in any case, regardless if the manuscript is recommended/not recommended for publication or even rejected.


  1. For Japanese submissions accepted for publication, authors will need to provide English translations for the title (no more than 20 words) and abstract (no more than 250 words), as well as the author’s name and affiliation.


  1. Notes should be numbered consecutively and printed at the end of the text as endnotes.


  1. Authors will have the chance to proofread their manuscripts up to two times. Any further proofreading will be done by the editorial board. Proofreading is generally limited to typographical errors; however, in cases where it is absolutely necessary, some text may be added or removed.


  1. Five copies of the magazine will be furnished to each contributor.


  1. Authors retain the copyrights to articles and research notes published in Journal of Ninja Studies.


  1. However, the right to distribute digital copies of manuscripts submitted to this magazine belongs to INRA.


  1. In the interest of INRA members, digital versions of the journal are published (as a PDF on the internet) after the publication of next issue.


  1. Authors do not need permission to republish submissions in their own works.


  1. Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permission for any materials used in their manuscripts (including materials published on the internet).


  1. Authors may contribute no more than one article and one set of research notes per issue.


Contact information for submissions:

500 Ueno-Marunouchi Iga City, Mie 518-0873 Japan Haitopia Iga 2nd Floor, International Journal of Ninja Studies Center, Secretariat of International Journal of Ninja Research Association, Editorial Board of Journal of Ninja Studies.

TEL・Fax 0595-51-7154

Direct any submission inquiries to Dr. Katsuya Yoshimaru, Editorial Board, Journal of Ninja Studies (


The deadline for submission for the first issue is Thursday, February 13, 2025. The preliminary date of the publication is the end of August.


Layout specifications for Journal of Ninja Studies:

A4 size

For submissions in English:

40 lines×94 characters (one column layout) = 3760 characters in 8.5pt font