The Regulations of the International Ninja Research Association


Article 1. The official name of our association will be “International Ninja Research Association” (国際忍者学会), and it’s headquarters is to be located in the Mie University International Ninja Research Center.


Article 2. The main objective of our Association is doing international and interdisciplinary research on subjects connected with the phenomenon of the ninja, spreading accurate information on the ninja, and contributing to mutual understanding and friendship among the Association members.


Article 3. Any individual, judicial person or organization who agrees with the intent and purpose of our association can become a member. To do so, one needs to submit the application and pay annual membership fees. However special members (特別会員) approved by the chairman may be exempted from the necessity to pay membership fees.


Article 4. The annual membership fees are as follows: 5000 JPY for individual members, 10000 JPY for judicial persons and organizations. Fees are not required from special members.


Article 5. The supreme decisive organ of the Association is the General assembly (総会), which holds a meeting once a year.


Article 6. The officials of the Association should pass the resolution of General Assembly. The officials are as follows: Chairman (会長) one person, Steering Committee Members (運営委員) a few people, Inspectors (監事) two people. The term of duty of the officials is two years. It is also not prohibited to hold more than one post concurrently. The Chairman, Inspectors and Steering Committee Members form the steering committee, which regulates routine work of the Association.


Article 7. The steering committee can set down internal rules, while any member of the Association can express his or her own opinion concerning the work of the Association to the steering committee.


Article 8. The General Meeting (大会) of the Association is held once a year, and the General Assembly meeting is held on the same day. Also, we issue a bulletin more than once a year.


Article 9. If a member of the association dies or expresses the desire to leave the Association, he or she is excluded from the Association. The annual fees are not returned in this case.


Article 10. The financial year of our Association begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of each year.


Article 11. Any proposals about modification of the above regulations should be referred to the General assembly. To be put into effect, the modification must be approved by two thirds of the votes cast.



Supplementary regulation:

The above regulations come into effect from February 21, 2018.